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What do we launch next?

The process of coming up with new product ideas is probably one of my hardest challenges.

It's a fine line of balancing time around developing new ideas and continuing to produce current products that pay the bills.

Our new 'Sweet Hearts' idea actually came from my daughter. Conversation Hearts were one of her favourite lollies when she was young (she has a sweet tooth, just like her dad). She opened my eyes to a different decade of what was popular back then. She wanted me to create some giant Conversation Hearts for her bedroom wall and so the process began.

Introducing a new product range is always a risk but at the same time, having the same old thing forever is probably more of a business risk.

It's exciting creating new products but I do have a personal rule, and that is, I have to like what I make! - Wrong, I have to LOVE what I make! Making products to purely sell is disingenuous as an artist and that is why new products are carefully considered.

I love our new 'Sweet Hearts' range, and hope that you do too!


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