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Colouring your Retro Coin

We often get asked if the coins can be painted. Yes, you certainly can paint them - but to get the best result you would want to use paint from a spray can.

Black and yellow coloured plaster coin
Here are some tips to get the best result:
  1. Sit the coin up on a box rather than straight on the ground and then raise it up so the edges aren’t touching the box. This way you can get the colour right around the edges nicely and the paint won’t stick the coin to the box.

  2. Because of the amount of raised detail it's hard to get a brush into all the nooks and cranny's. Also painting on with a brush doesn't leave a nice finish as you see all the brush strokes. But we have sprayed many with colours from a spray can and it gives a great result. Any paint from a spray can will be fine. We prefer the look of a matt finish so the Chalk Paint in a spray can is a great option. We have used the brand Rust-oleum from Bunnings. Also, the coins look really good in the metallic silver or copper colours to reflect the real coins. We DO NOT recommend using a glossy paint.

  3. When spraying, use short bursts and a nice flowing movement back and forth. Start with a light coat and then build it up, it is better to do a few coats rather than have areas of heavy paint. Move around the box when spraying to get into all the tricky areas and not miss any places.

If you are wanting your coins in a dark colour we do NOT recommend using black! You will get a much better result if you use a very dark charcoal colour instead. Black will mean you don’t see the shadows as well from the 3 dimensional design on the coin and it will all blend in. From a distance it will look like a black circle without seeing much detail. Charcoal is still a very dark colour but will allow you to see the shadows from the design.

Please note: We DON’T sell the coins coloured. We only sell them in the natural off-white colour.


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